Sunday, April 21, 2013

Matteson Trail, Hampton, VA

This afternoon we decided to take a walk close to home and went on the Matteson Trail. It's a 3 mile long paved walk around the Hamptons Golf Course.

Sammy sticks his head out of the car window on the way to the golf course.

It was a windy, spring day. Everything was so green. And plants were all in bloom! Dogwoods.

Although everything along the trail was very pretty--Sammy's behavior made the walk not so pleasant for me. He was in a "sniff and mark" mode. We would walk a few steps; and then he'd have to stop and mark. A few more steps, stop and mark. I thought we'd never get through the three miles! Sammy and some fleabane.

All along this trail, the trees have holes in the trunks. I'm always expecting to come across a gnome or fairy family living inside of one! Or maybe a squirrel!

 PG in the pretty, purple phlox. Matches her new collar!

Some plum blossoms. So many pretty colors on this walk. Yellows, purples, pinks!

The azaleas were especially beautiful in full bloom.

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG

Sunday, April 7, 2013

James River Floodwall Park, Richmond, VA

This morning we joined our hound walking group, Around Town Hounds, for a walk along the James River Floodwall. We met by the Suntrust Building between 10th and 12th Streets--I believe this is the eastern portion of the floodwall. We walked under a highway bridge to get to the floodwall walk.

 Soon we came to a great view of the Richmond skyline.
And the rapids of the James River.
The sign explains all the wildlife you can see. We saw lots of cormorants and blue heron. This floodwall is one of the largest flood-protection systems in the nation and it opened miles of the James River to public access, with river walks, trails and scenic overlooks. The total length of the Floodwall is 3.2 miles of concrete, steel, earth and rock, with 1.2 miles on the north shore of the James River and 2 miles on the south bank.
This is a pretty easy walk. The path is gravel. Our group walked for about a mile or so.  Jade came along with us and took care of PG.

After walking along the floodwall, the group played like Jack and Jill--went up the hill to see the scenic overlook!
This is everyone at the overlook. There are lots of paths down to the river from this point--but all too steep for greyhounds to traverse!
The whole gang at the halfway point!
After the walk, Jade and I took the dogs to Ellwood Thompson Market and Cafe at 4 N. Thompson Street in Richmond's Carytown for lunch. Dogs are welcome on the patio.  They have a hot bar, sandwiches, bakery items, and a coffee and juice bar.
Wish you were here!
Sammy & PG

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter on Parade, Richmond, VA

Yesterday was Easter. We have a family tradition of volunteering to run the Pet Easter Bonnet Contest at Easter on Parade on Monument Boulevard in Richmond. Normally a very good time and thousands of people come out for it.
Unfortunately this year, the weather did not cooperate with us! It was pouring rain when we got to our area to set up our tent. Eric and Jade always come to help. The Richmond police did not allow us to set up our tent on the grass--where we usually have it--so we had to set up on the street.
After about an hour, it finally quit raining. But was still cold! The weather forecast it would be in the high 60s. I don't think we even got to 50!
Sammy and PG did put on their bonnets when the rain finally stopped. We wanted to walk around to keep from shivering!
We walked around a little bit and ran into local celebrities, Donald Allen and Bryan Rowland. They make these fantastic hats every year. This year their theme was "Las Vegas Easter!" Donald did win the People Easter Bonnet Contest!
Only 9 dogs registered for the bonnet contest. These two didn't even win--can you believe that? One of these dogs was named Lil Bit--but believe me--there was nothing little about her!

Wish you were here!
Sammy & PG