Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sandy Bottom Nature Park, Hampton, VA

This evening we went to Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton. This is a beautiful park to take a walk in. There are a number of trails from about a mile long to five miles long--so you can take a short walk or a long one. We usually go on the Lake Trail--which goes around Sandy Bottom Lake for about a mile.
This is a nice shady walk with lots of interesting things to see. There is a wildlife rehabilitation area that is home to a blind deer.
You do have to watch for snakes. I've walked here for years and I've only ever seen one snake. It wanted to get away from us as much as we wanted to get away from him!
There are a couple little bridges. You can see turtles and birds in the lake. There is also a shady dog park at this park--but I'm not crazy about dog parks. So I usually just walk the dogs on the trails and skip the dog park.
There are some quirky things at this park, too. There is a little flower garden with some flower pot people!
And finally, Sammy and PG's favorite part of this park--there is a small "beach" where the dogs can wade into the lake. Sammy usually jumps and splashes like a little kid in the first puddles of spring!

Wish you were here!
Sammy & PG

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  1. What a nice park. I'm sure my kids would bark at the flower pot people. None of my kids go in water.