Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sandy Bottom Nature Park, Hampton, VA

This afternoon we took a pretty fall walk at Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton. The park is at the corner of Hampton Roads Center Parkway and Big Bethel Road. If coming from I64, exit 261A will bring you directly to Big Bethel Road. Then follow signs to Sandy Bottom.
We walked around Crystal Lake on the Red Fox trail. There are two lakes at Sandy Bottom--Sandy Bottom Lake and Crystal Lake. They are also doing a wetland reconstruction project there.
It's a very pretty place to walk; and the trails are kept up and easy to walk on.
Sammy and PG like the bridges as well as the paths! Today the paths were a bed of leaves!
Sandy Bottom has lots of family friendly activities. They rent paddle boats, jon boats, canoes and kayaks.
They also have some campsites with firepits for tents. And they also have these yurt type of cabins, right on the lake, for rental.
I've often thought about renting one of these for a night--just to see what it's like! Each yurt costs $42 per night and has two bunk beds. But I haven't done it yet!
So many pretty yellow leaves--had to make a little bouquet for Sammy!
Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG


  1. You have so many cool choices for parks to walk the kids in your area.

  2. I try to seek out lots of different places to walk. One of the joys of having dogs that like to walk--we can go exploring!