Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cherry Park, Rock Hill SC

Yesterday we were visiting family in Rock Hill, SC so we took our morning walk at Cherry Park.
The park has a mile and a half long paved walking/jogging trail around the perimeter with some ball fields and picnic areas in the center.
For some reason, Sammy wanted to go on the jogging trail--not on the "pet route." Always a greyhound! I should be running!
The trail has mile markers, which is a really nice feature so you can gauge how far you have walked. It also has lots of waste cans along the trail which is a plus for me. While on the trail an old man walked up behind us and said, "No one is going to come after you. You have your own personal body guards!" I didn't quite know how to comment on that statement! Everyone else commented on what beautiful dogs I had.

Since it is winter--the foliage in the park was pretty dull--with the exception of rows and rows of large holly bushes. Why is holly always depicted on Christmas cards as three red berries and three green leaves--it's much prettier than that!
And we also found these huge rocks interesting. PG wonders where they came from? Ice Age glaciers?
Near the parking lot is a 12 foot tall bronze statue of Casey at the Bat. The giant slugger from Mudville should inspire all the Little League teams that play at the park!

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG


  1. Body Guards or Guard dogs. Greyhounds? My guys did not take that class.

    1. This comment did creep me out a little bit! I thought, who says something like that? What was he thinking?