Saturday, February 23, 2013

Barboursville Winery, Barboursville, VA

We went to the Inn at Little Washington to celebrate our wedding anniversary this week. Dogs are NOT allowed at the inn--but they did recommend a great boarding kennel close by where they could spend the night. We picked them up the next morning and traveled to Barboursville Winery on our way home.
In the middle of the week in the winter--Barboursville was not very crowded.  Well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed in the tasting room.
Barboursville Winery has a really great winemaker, some great wines and a wonderful restaurant called the Palladio. Since it was winter and I didn't get the greatest photos--you should check out their website.
While my husband was in the tasting room with a roaring fire, the dogs and I decided to walk around the vineyards. He tasted 15 wines for $5. He could have tasted more wines and he could have kept his glass if he wanted to.
We walked to the ruins. The ruins are the former mansion of James Barbour, a U.S. Senator, Secretary of War and Virginia Governor. The mansion was designed by Thomas Jefferson, one of Barbour's friends. Everything except the masonry walls  and the columns of the porticos burned in a fire on Christmas day in 1884.
The vines aren't very pretty in the middle of winter--but the dogs were still interested in checking them out. As we were walking through the vineyards, I could hear workers in the vineyards whistling while they worked! It must be a happy place to work!

Wish you were here!
Sammy and PG


  1. Had dinner at the Palladio last year. Great food and wine. Love wineries that allow us to bring the pups.

  2. They have some great dinners coming up, Gyeong! A morale mushroom dinner in April and a chef coming from Italy in June!