Thursday, May 9, 2013

Airborne Art Installation, Norfolk, VA

On April 25th, I took the dogs to downtown Norfolk to participate in an art installation, Airborne by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. This was an interactive installation projected onto the wall of a parking garage; and it turned that wall into a shadow play that changed as we moved. As we moved, computerized monitors mapped our shadows into video projections of bellowing smoke. The smoke, in turn, rearranged projected poetry and turned it into vanishing clouds of text. I thought this would be a great venue for Sammy's dog dancing. In the end, PG joined us, too. You can watch a video of us here:

 All of the poems were about shadows or light. One of the poems from the wall, that were also read aloud as they vanished:

$$$Expensive Magic$$$

By Cedar Sigo
            I stumble down        around torn peaks
                          “Fit the right suit
                                                      to trick them all.”
                                         the questions fall
                                   around allure. Poems floated
                           from the hearth
                                 out the mouth. I am wound up, bored
we are only strangers on our way
the hotel                turned slender to mind
                now written out (sloppy)
                                                to music
                dark brown wood
                                 gold mirrors
                                 The drinking songs from upper stories
drag us to sleep                 a bend in the basement wall
                              scorched. pulling on clean clothes
                  I let myself out
                                                              walk up
                                        to a far off hill
                                                             smoke on top
“The orchestra of the
                           immense magnified
       inner life
                   is now prodigious.”
the strings sound down
             make the surface of a mirror
                                                    & hang the head
                           my forbidden past

                                        Rose & Silk
           the wine is young
                                  The brooks still hum
                                                               with melted snow

This was a fun time for us in downtown Norfolk!
Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG

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