Saturday, December 28, 2013

Riverwalk Trail, Rock Hill, SC

Although it was 27 degrees--this really was a beautiful morning to walk along the Catawba River.
We're in South Carolina visiting family so I got up early to take the dogs for a walk.  If you are coming from Charlotte on I-77, get off at exit 83, turn left, go a half a mile, and you'll see a sign for a mixed use development called Riverwalk. From what I understand, there used to be run-down factories along this part of the river and now there is a grand new plan for this area.
There is not much parking and I can see that when all the houses are built in the area--parking will really be at a premium--but for now the public has nice access to the river.
There are some openings where you can get right up to the river and catch some gorgeous views of the water and the wildlife. The trail does not form a loop, so once you get to the end you have to go 2.25 miles back.
There are also places to rest, so you can take a break and relax if needed. The trail is paved so it's easy to walk on.
PG didn't sit on the chair--she blended right in with the leaves. If she didn't have her bright collar and necklace on--she'd disappear!

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG

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  1. Bet Sammy would love to play Hide-n-Seek with PG.