Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sandy Bottom Nature Park, Hampton, VA

Today was a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree, spring day so we went to Sandy Bottom Nature Park for a walk around the lakes.
From Interstate 64, get off at Exit 261 onto Hampton Roads Center Parkway. Sandy Bottom Nature Park is on the right hand side about a mile from the exit.
We walked around Sandy Bottom Lake and Crystal Lake. It's a flat trail and very easy to walk on.
The cormorants and the turtles were having a party on Sandy Bottom Lake. When a turtle would slide into the water, the cormorants would jump up into the air like they were dancing!
Spring is ready to bust out all over this park! Sammy notices this one tulip blooming!
And there were Easter decorations in the little garden. Next week they'll have a huge Easter egg hunt here for the kids.
One of Sammy's favorite things to do at this park is to go into the water! There are a few places where it's easy to wade into the water. This spot is at Crystal Lake and this bench is almost always submerged. Sammy barks when he gets close to these spots. Ready to go in for a swim, he says!
Sammy gets out and shakes it off on the path!
"Come on, Sammy! Quit messing around in the water!" PG is ready to go!

Wish you were here!
Sammy & PG


  1. It's a good thing PG is there to keep an eye on things, or Sammy might spend all day playing in the water instead of finishing the walk :)

  2. I live in Hampton and help taking my dog to the park there several times but I am curious to wear the Crystal Lake is I want her to be able to get in the water but unfortunately between May and September you cannot take them to the Bucktoe beach in Hampton