Thursday, June 26, 2014

Historic Ghent, Norfolk, VA

We had to drive Alan to a class in Norfolk and wait for him to finish--so we spent an hour and a half exploring the Ghent business district. To get there from Hampton, cross over the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel on I64, get off at Exit 276A for Granby Street, follow Granby Street to 21st Street, take a right and you will be right in the heart of Ghent.
The iconic NARO Theatre is on Colley Avenue and a favorite destination when the dogs aren't along. They show art films, foreign films and once a month they show the Rocky Horror Picture Show! It would be great if they did allow dogs inside! It was very, very hot and humid; and PG would have liked an air conditioned room because her tongue was dragging on the ground!
We heard from another dog walker on the street that we could get doggie yogurt at Skinny Dip--so we thought we'd try that to cool off.
Of course there is the problem that you can't go inside the yogurt store with your two dogs in tow! Luckily for me, there was a nice gentleman standing outside who offered to go in and buy the yogurt for me. And it was only $1 per cup!
And even though it was decorated with little dog kibble crunchies--Sammy didn't want any!
So we piled into the van, blasted the AC and went to Doumar's--where every day is Ice Cream Day! We didn't have to worry about going inside because a carhop comes to the car, puts a number on it, takes your order and brings out your goodies. I had to have a famous Doumar's cone. And Sammy and PG each had a cup of vanilla. Abe Doumar's famous creation, the Original hand-rolled pure food cone filled with delicious ice cream, was first sold in 1904 at the St. Louis Exposition. The cones are still made by hand today.
Since we were cooled off, we went back to walking on the hot sidewalks while waiting for Al! Somebody's dog was really sinking into concrete! And not walking too straight!
That dog did not follow the advice in this window. "To straighten the crooked things. First you must do the harder thing. Straighten yourself."
Finally when we got to the Kitsch store--Al was ready to go. There are lots of restaurants in Ghent with patios that allow dogs. We'll go back when it's a little cooler so we will have no melted dogs!

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG

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  1. Haha, looks like the Doggie Dips didn't pass the Sammy test.