Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stockley Gardens Fall Arts Festival, Norfolk, VA

This morning we went to the Stockley Gardens Fall Arts Festival. It is sponsored by the Hope House Foundation. The foundation provides supported living services to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities in their own homes or apartments. The foundation also runs Hope House Thrift Shop--where they have everything from Polka Dots to Leopard Spots!
Sammy liked looking at all the art work. I wanted to catch him looking in the mirror--but he wasn't cooperating with me.
PG was looking for anyone who would come by and pet her.
We bought a water pitcher from Neal Reed. Neal enjoys carving into the clay while it is still soft, and also the technique of sgraffito. A few years ago we bought a coffee mug from him showing a lady walking two dogs--pulling her in two different directions. Can't imagine why that mug talked to me and say, "Buy me!" Neal is a potter from Fredericksburg, VA. He shows his work at Sophia Street Studios. They are dog friendly if you're ever in Fredericksburg--stop by and say hi.
There are lots of artists to see! Painting, sculpture, jewelry--something for everyone.

Right next to the arts festival is the Hague--with lots of ducks and geese. So close and yet so far away! It was a beautiful day for the festival. The artists will be there again tomorrow so go out and see them.

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG

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  1. What a neat mug. If he has one showing 4 dogs hogging the bed, so I only get a sliver of the edge, I'll take it :)