Sunday, November 9, 2014

Walking with the Wolfhounds, Norfolk, VA

This afternoon we went to St. Patrick's Catholic School in Norfolk for their second annual Walking with the Wolfhounds to benefit the Norfolk SPCA. It was a one mile walk around the school's neighborhood. Last year they raised $1000 and this year's goal was double that. At the school courtyard, a lot of vendors and other non-profit groups had booths set up. We were invited to this walk by one of the volunteers at Dogs on Deployment.
One of the vendors was a groomer that was doing spray paint on the dogs. I had to get stars for Sammy and PG!
Starbums! But Sammy's had a little overspray...
The wolfhounds were leading the pack on the walk. The wolfhound is the mascot of the St. Patrick's school.
I think he was a little bit bored waiting for the walk to start. Or maybe he was in awe of PG's star and had to look away!
Our short mile long walk took us by a little part of the Lafayette River.
The two star dogs were tired at the end of the walk!

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG

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