Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paradise Creek Nature Park Portsmouth, VA

We've had such cold wintery weather that we haven't been on any nice walks for a while. Today was a still cold, but sunny, day--so we went to Paradise Creek Nature Park in Portsmouth. This is a relatively new park that just opened to the public in June 2013. To get there, we went on I 664 to I 264; and exited onto Victory Blvd. The park is about 3 miles from the exit on Victory Blvd. It is in an industrial area so I was a little surprised to find such a nice park.
There is a beautiful statue made from recycled metals in the parking lot when you arrive. Peruvian sculptor Peruko Ccopacatty made it from scrap metal at a nearby metal works in 1983. Now it has a new home at the park.
We got started right away on the trail. The trails are made of crushed stone, very flat and easy to walk. There are also signs to incorporate a fitness routine into your walk if you're interested in doing that. In the background you can see those big silos that belong to the Enviva Corp.
They are silos that hold wood pellets used in the coal industry.
The trails go around these wetlands. All around the background are industrial parks. Beautiful blue sky with not a single cloud!
There is a bridge over the wetlands.
You can see these boats on Paradise Creek--that leads out to the Elizabeth River. Wouldn't this make a nice painting?
Sammy wore his Batman collar to the park...
And then we came across this Bat house/cave. Coincidence? Or is Sammy really the Batman?

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG

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