Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gosnold's Hope Park, Hampton, VA

The dogs are going stir crazy staying in the house! It rains for days, then it's bitter cold (by Virginia standards, anyway!) and then it snows! So I pulled out my Christmas present from last year, a pair of LL Bean snow boots, and I took them to Gosnold's Hope Park for a walk.
It was pretty quiet at the park. A few hardy joggers. Mostly just snow covered fields and park shelters.
While I was picking up a pile, a man in a truck stopped and said, "I don't envy what you're doing--but you're a good person for doing it." Just then Sammy kicked a big pile of snow all over me!
What is that smell?
The pond is frozen. No one sitting on the bench feeding the ducks. You may notice, too, that I had to put the old "I heart NY" collars back on. Their new beaded collars kept coming over their heads and falling off in the snow. They still have the beaded tag collars. Come on, Spring!

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG

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  1. Walking in snow can be fun, but no one wants to walk in cold rain. Ugh!