Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oxford Run Canal Trail, Poquoson, VA

After 5 days of rain and a day of snow--the dogs were really ready to get outside and walk somewhere! Anywhere! So we drove to Poquoson and walked on the Oxford Run Canal Trail.

The start of this little trail is right next to the Poquoson Library and City Hall. We did a dog dancing demo there one Saturday last year and came across this little gem.
As the name implies, this is a trail along a little canal. The path is flat gravel and easy to walk.
It's not the prettiest time of the year to be walking through the woods--but there's something to be said for silent, winter trees. We went one time to walk on this trail in the summer; and Sammy came home with so many ticks, that I thought I'd wait till winter to go back.
Even in winter, it's a nice walk. Sammy barked all along the way! When we got back to the parking lot, one of the ladies that I've taken dog training classes with showed up in her car. She said, "I heard Sammy barking and thought he was loose!" I live over 5 miles away from this park but was surprised that she came looking for us when she heard Sammy barking. His barking is becoming infamous!

Wish you were here,
Sammy & PG


  1. Didn't Sammy get the memo that greyhounds don't bark? :) Our little black dog, Parker, taught Stella and Stanley how to bark.

  2. Oh, Sammy and your barking...haha ;-)