Saturday, June 15, 2013

Aroma's, Williamsburg, VA

This morning my friend, Lesa, and I went to the Williamsburg Farmer's Market and afterwards we went to Aroma's.
I recommend parking in the Prince George Street Garage (P1) for $1 per hour. Walk out the side doors and turn right--Aroma's is right there at 431 Prince George Street.
This is such a dog friendly place. There are water bowls along the patio--which is so nice on a summer day! Dogs are at almost every table on the patio. Of course, you still have to have an extra person to go inside and order for you.
We went for breakfast and had the Garden Veggie Scramble and Mimosas.  Delicious! But Aroma's also serves lunch and dinner--so you can go at any time! They roast their coffee in-house 7 days a week and have a huge menu of hot and cold drinks.
PG and Sammy laid under the table on their pads. PG was very close to the door so she had a good view of everyone going in and out. "Are those greyhounds? Are they rescues? They're beautiful!" was the refrain for the day!

Aroma's also has a location in Newport News at City Center near the fountain. It's also dog friendly but has a different ambiance and feel than the original location in Williamsburg.

Wish you were here!
Sammy & PG

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