Monday, June 24, 2013

Riverwalk Trail, Rock Hill, SC

This weekend we went to visit family in South Carolina, just over the border from North Carolina, very close to Charlotte. I found this new trail for the dogs.
It is a part of the Carolina Thread Trail system. The Carolina Thread Trail system is a series of trails throughout the Carolinas open to the public that connects people, cities and towns. The Riverwalk Trail is in a housing development--but right along the river--keeping that portion of the development open to all.
The trail starts out at a canoe/kayak launch. It is easy to find--right off Cherry Road in Rock Hill.
This is a beautiful trail along the river. It's paved and has a few elevation changes--but pretty easy to walk. Mountain bikes go on the trail, too--so you have to be aware of them passing.
There is a 10 mph speed limit, though, Sammy! No running!
All along the trail, you can view the Catawba River. People are canoeing and kayaking. Lots of birds.
The trail goes 4.25 miles out and back; it doesn't loop around. We walked a mile in and then turned around and walked back out because it was humid and the dogs were hot.  The trail is marked every 1/4 mile so you can decide when to turn around.

On the way back, Sammy and PG went into the river for a dip. They loved that part of the walk!

 Sammy really enjoyed the water!

I have to add another note about our trip. I tried to walk at Cherry Park, also in Rock Hill. I walked there in December the last time I visited. But this time, when I walked at Cherry Park I was stopped by one of the park rangers and told there was a "one dog per person" rule. Since I had more than one dog, I had to leave! Isn't that a crazy rule? The ranger said the people who have more than one dog never pick up after their dogs. I pulled out a handful of poop bags from my purse! Then he said that people are afraid of dogs and when someone walks more than one dog, it's really scary. I said, Well, I'm going to have to put this on my blog! One dog per person. He said, Please don't write anything bad about our park on your blog! So, if you only have one dog--Cherry Park is a nice place to walk. But if you have more than one dog, go to Riverwalk Trail!

Also while we were in the Charlotte area, we went to several dog friendly restaurants. One was Toast Cafe. This cafe was in the Ballentyne area of Charlotte. They are only open for breakfast/brunch from 8am till 2:30pm.
The dogs were welcome on the patio. The waitress brought water for both dogs. And refilled it at the same time as she refilled the other waters at the table!
Overall, Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill/Fort Mill, SC are very dog friendly areas!

Wish you were here!
Sammy & PG

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